Operation Greens
Market Intelligence & Early Warning System
News Onion: In Azadpur, the prices were at Rs.3100/quintal, onion is arriving from Maharashtra/ Rajasthan /KR are trading at Rs.4250/qtl, Afghanistan onion is trading at Rs.3875/quintal & MH/RJ goli variety is trading at Rs.1875/qtl.  Onion: In Lasalgaon the Unhali prices stood at Rs.4200/quintal and Red onion stood at Rs.4000/quintal. Potato: In Azadpur,the prices were at Rs.2920/qtl as compared to Rs.1296/quintal last year. The crop is coming from Punjab, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Potato: The Uttar Pradesh Surya potato is trading at Rs.3300/quintal, Punjab/HP potato is trading at Rs.3600/qtl whereas Gujarat LR potato at Rs.3100/quintal. Tomato: At Madanapalle, the modal prices have increased slightly during the past week at Rs.2800/quintal as compared to Rs.2200/quintal last week. Tomato: In Azadpur, the prices were at Rs.2429/qtl as compared to Rs.1646/qtl last year, the tomato crop is coming from Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. The MH/KR/AP/HP variety is trading at Rs.3200/qtl.