Operation Greens
Market Intelligence & Early Warning System
News Onion: At Lasalgaon, the Rabi/Unhali onion prices are at Rs.3350/quintal Onion: At Azadpur the Rajasthan/Haryana origin onion was trading at Rs. 2875/quintal, Maharashtra onion was trading at Rs. 3500/quintal, Madhya Pradesh origin onion was at Rs 3500/quintal, Karnataka origin onion is at Rs. 3250/quintal and goli variety from Rajasthan was trading at Rs. 2250/quintal. Onion: The Onion retail prices in Delhi are Rs. 48/kg, in Chennai and Kolkata the prices are at Rs. 42kg and Rs. 57/kg, respectively. 
Major Market Snapshot
Commodity : Onion
  1W 1M 3M 6M 1Y 3Y
All Markets Major Markets Producing Markets Consuming Markets
 Market  District  Variety  Price Minimum [Rs/Qtl]  Price Maximum [Rs/Qtl]  Modal Price [Rs/Qtl]  Arrival [Tonnes]  Data Source
Kolkata (WB) Kolkata Red 3875 4000 - 96 Agriwatch
Bangalore (KA) Bangalore Puna 3000 4000 3500 2390 Agmarknet
Chennai (TN) Chennai Nasik 3000 3400 - 1125 Agriwatch
Amritsar (PB) Amritsar Red 3000 3200 - 500 Agriwatch
Mumbai (MH) Mumbai Red 2500 3200 - 1200 Agriwatch
Azadpur (DL) Delhi Red 1500 3000 - 875 Agriwatch
Bowenpally (TS) Hyderabad 1st Sort 1000 3500 2500 18.4 Agmarknet
Bangalore (KA) Bangalore Local 2000 2800 2400 2390 Agmarknet
Lucknow (UP) Lucknow Red 2280 2400 2340 260 Agmarknet
Bara Bazar (WB) Kolkata - NR NR NR NR Agmarknet
Bhopal (MP) Bhopal Pune NR NR - NR Agriwatch
Ahmedabad (GJ) Ahmedabad Local NR NR - NR Agriwatch
Vashi (MH) Thane - NR NR NR NR Agmarknet
Indore (MP) Indore Local NR NR - NR Agriwatch
Bhopal(F&V) (MP) Bhopal - NR NR NR NR Agmarknet
Pune (MH) Pune Red NR NR - NR Agriwatch
Udaipur (RJ) Udaipur - NR NR NR NR Agmarknet
Indore(F&V) (MP) Indore - NR NR NR NR Agmarknet
Note: Rows highlighted in light yellow background indicate markets that are within the clusters identified under Operation Greens