Operation Greens
Market Intelligence & Early Warning System
News Onion: In Lasalgaon,the Kharif onion prices have decreased significantly by 33% to Rs.2640/quintal as compared to Rs.3950/quintal last week. Onion: In Azadpur Delhi, as per trade sources the average prices have decreased to Rs.2200/quintal as compared to Rs.2300/quintal last week. Onion: In Delhi, the crop is arriving from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan (Alwar) and Madhya Pradesh.  Onion: The Maharashtra onion is trading at Rs.3125/quintal, Madhya Pradesh origin onion is trading at Rs.3000/quintal whereas Gujarat crop is trading at Rs.2875/quintal and Rajasthan onion is trading at Rs.2500/quintal and Gujarat/Rajasthan Goli variety is trading at Rs.1500/quintal.  
Major Market Snapshot
Commodity : Onion
  1W 1M 3M 6M 1Y 3Y
All Markets Major Markets Producing Markets Consuming Markets
 Market  District  Variety  Price Minimum [Rs/Qtl]  Price Maximum [Rs/Qtl]  Modal Price [Rs/Qtl]  Arrival [Tonnes]  Data Source
Bara Bazar (WB) Kolkata Nasik 1425 1560 1500 80 Agmarknet
Kolkata (WB) Kolkata Red 1375 1500 - 48 Agriwatch
Bangalore (KA) Bangalore Puna 500 1400 - 1900 Agriwatch
Bara Bazar (WB) Kolkata Other 1250 1360 1325 80 Agmarknet
Chennai (TN) Chennai Nasik 1200 1300 - 980 Agriwatch
Mumbai (MH) Mumbai Red 500 1200 - 1530 Agriwatch
Azadpur (DL) Delhi Red 800 1100 - 1120 Agriwatch
Amritsar (PB) Amritsar Red 1000 1100 - 600 Agriwatch
Ahmedabad (GJ) Ahmedabad Local 600 900 - 1285 Agriwatch
Vashi (MH) Thane - NR NR NR NR Agmarknet
Pune (MH) Pune Red NR NR - NR Agriwatch
Bhopal (MP) Bhopal Pune NR NR - NR Agriwatch
Bhopal(F&V) (MP) Bhopal - NR NR NR NR Agmarknet
Udaipur (RJ) Udaipur - NR NR NR NR Agmarknet
Indore (MP) Indore Local NR NR - NR Agriwatch
Indore(F&V) (MP) Indore - NR NR NR NR Agmarknet
Lucknow (UP) Lucknow Red NR NR - NR Agriwatch
Bowenpally (TS) Hyderabad - NR NR NR NR Agmarknet
Note: Rows highlighted in light yellow background indicate markets that are within the clusters identified under Operation Greens