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News Tomato: In Pimpalgaon Baswant prices are at Rs. 2355/ quintal  Tomato: In Madanapalle, as per the trade sources, the prices have been steady at Rs. 3900/quintal  Tomato: At Azadpur, Delhi, the hybrid variety of Himachal Pradesh is trading at Rs. 3300/quintal, the desi variety of Karnataka is trading at Rs. 3600/quintal, the hybrid variety from Maharashtra is trading at Rs. 3400/quintal, Madhya Pradesh origin tomato Is trading at Rs. 3000/quintal and the goli variety from Himachal Pradesh/Karnataka/Maharashtra/Madhya Pradesh is trading at Rs. 1600/quintal. Tomato: The tomato retail prices in Delhi have been steady at Rs. 60/kg, in Chennai prices are Rs. 59/kg and Indore prices are at Rs. 33/kg. 
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Commodity : Tomato
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