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News Tomato: In Madanapalle, as per trade sources, prices are at Rs. 1300/quintal Tomato: In Kolar, the prices are at Rs. 600/quintal Tomato: In Mumbai, Modal prices are at Rs. 1300/quintal Tomato: At Azadpur market the modal prices of tomato are Rs. 1229/quintal. The desi variety of Karnataka is trading at Rs. 1400/quintal, the hybrid variety from Maharashtra is trading at Rs. 1720/quintal and the goli variety from Himachal Pradesh is trading at Rs. 1000/quintal. 
Area, Yield & Production [District Wise]
Commodity : Tomato

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Sikkim Area, Yield & Production Export To Excel
Year Area Yield Production Source
('000 ha) (tonnes/ha) ('000 tonnes)
2019-20  NA NA 8.11 1st Adv. Est.
2018-19  0.99 8.19 8.11 NHRDF