Operation Greens
Market Intelligence & Early Warning System
News Tomato: At Madanapalle, the modal prices have decreased slightly during the past week at Rs.2700/quintal as compared to Rs.2900/quintal last week.  Tomato: At Azadpur, Delhi, the prices of tomatoes have decreased to Rs.2687/quintal as compared to Rs.3381/qtl last week  Tomato: At Delhi, the tomatoes are coming from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra. The Maharashtra/AP/KR varieties are trading at Rs.3200/qtl whereas HP variety is trading at Rs.3400/quintal. Tomato: At Kolar the prices have decreased to Rs.1467/quintal as compared to Rs.1933/quintal last week. 
Area, Yield & Production [District Wise]
Commodity : Tomato

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Himachal Pradesh Area, Yield & Production Export To Excel
Year Area Yield Production Source
('000 ha) (tonnes/ha) ('000 tonnes)
2019-20  NA NA 503.38 1st Adv. Est.
2018-19  11.75 42.76 502.42 NHRDF
2017-18  11.24 42.88 481.94 NHRDF
2016-17  11.06 42.79 473.28 NHRDF
2015-16  11.04 43.98 485.54 NHRDF
2014-15  NA NA NA NHRDF
2013-14  10.37 41.54 430.79 NHRDF
2012-13  9.93 41.66 413.71 NHRDF