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News Potato: In Delhi, the crop is coming from Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh/HR/PJ potato is trading at Rs.1100/quintal, Punjab new crop is trading at Rs.900/quintal, Gujarat “LR” potato is also trading at Rs.1100/quintal and Goli (small sized) potato is trading at Rs.600/quintal.  Potato: In Delhi, the modal wholesale prices have increased slightly to Rs.836/quintal from Rs.769/quintal as on last week. Potato: At Agra the potato are trading at Rs.910/quintal as compared to Rs.880/quintal last week. 
Area, Yield & Production [District Wise]
Commodity : Potato

North Tripura Dhalai Sipahijala Gomati Khowai West Tripura South Tripura Unokoti
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Tripura Area, Yield & Production Export To Excel
Year Area Yield Production Source
('000 ha) (tonnes/ha) ('000 tonnes)
2019-20  NA NA 146.69 1st Adv. Est.
2018-19  8.01 18.09 144.94 NHRDF
2017-18  8.09 17.0 137.59 AGRIWATCH
2016-17  8.00 16.00 128.00 AGRIWATCH
2015-16  8.00 17.00 136.00 AGRIWATCH
2014-15  8.28 18.00 149.04 AGRIWATCH