Operation Greens
Market Intelligence & Early Warning System
News Potato: In Delhi, Azadpur, the modal prices have decreased slightly in the past week at Rs.2373/quintal as compared to Rs.2638/quintal last week  Potato: In Agra, the prices are at Rs.2480/quintal, in Farrukhabad prices are at Rs.2550/quintal and in Lucknow the prices are at Rs.2700/quintal. Potato: In Burdwan the potatoes are trading at Rs.2820/quintal, in Durgapur the prices are at Rs.2700/quintal and in Habra the prices are at Rs.2840/quintal. Potato: In Mumbai the prices are at Rs.2500/quintal and in Pune the prices are at Rs.2600/quintal. 
Area, Yield & Production [District Wise]
Commodity : Potato
Karnataka Area, Yield & Production Export To Excel
Year Area Yield Production Source
('000 ha) (tonnes/ha) ('000 tonnes)
2019-20  NA NA 272 1st Adv. Est.
2018-19  28 12.32 345 NHRDF
2017-18  3.50 22.1 77.21 AGRIWATCH
2016-17  4.10 21.41 87.78 AGRIWATCH
2015-16  7.88 13.00 102.44 AGRIWATCH
2014-15  8.42 13.26 111.65 AGRIWATCH