Operation Greens
Market Intelligence & Early Warning System
News Potato: In Delhi, the Potato prices are at Rs. 1400/quintal. Potato: In Agra, the modal prices of Potato are steady at Rs. 1285/quintal. Potato: At Azadpur, Uttar Pradesh origin ‘Chandausi’ Potato is trading at Rs. 2100 per quintal. Haryana origin potato is trading at Rs. 1300 per quintal. Gujarat, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh origin potato trading at Rs. 1600 per quintal and the Goli/Gulla variety from Uttar Pradesh/Haryana/Punjab is trading at Rs. 600 per quintal. Potato: The potato retail prices in Delhi increased by 8% and trading at Rs. 23/kg last week. In Chennai, prices increased by 9% and traded at Rs. 36/kg and in Indore the prices were steady at Rs. 19/Kg. 
Commodity : Potato
Prices at top 5 markets Producing Consuming
Producing Market Latest Price
% Change  
Agra (UP) 1285 0.39 %
Farukhabad (UP) 1300 1.56 %
Burdwan (WB) 2380 0.00 %
Faridkot (PB) 1000 0.00 %
Vadhvan (GJ) 2250 0.00 %

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