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News Potato: In Delhi, Azadpur, the modal prices increased to Rs.503/quintal as compared to Rs.483/quintal during the last week. Potato: In Delhi, the crop is coming from Punjab, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh new potato is trading at Rs.700/quintal whereas Gujarat/Punjab “LR” variety is trading at Rs.800/quintal, Punjab origin potato is trading at Rs.600/quintal and Goli (small sized) potato is trading at Rs.360/quintal.  Potato: In Agra, the modal prices were at Rs.560/quintal as compared to Rs.550/quintal during the last week. Potato: In Bangalore, the modal prices have decreased slightly to Rs.1000/quintal as compared to Rs.1350/quintal last week  
Commodity : Potato
Prices at top 5 markets Producing Consuming
Producing Market Latest Price
% Change  
Agra (UP) 730 0.69 %
Farukhabad (UP) 820 2.50 %
Burdwan (WB) 1040 0.00 %
Faridkot (PB) 600 20.00 %
Vadhvan (GJ) 1375 0.00 %

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